Greater New York Evangelism Team Baptises 330

March 18, 2018 • By • in News
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The 18-member delegation from the Greater New York Conference, USA who preached on 14 University campuses within the Southern Ghana Union have baptised 330 converts after a seven-day Pentecost 2018 campaign.

The campaigns started on February 17, 2018 and ended on February 24, with those remarkable baptisms from the campuses.

Elder Burnett Lenroy Robinson who was at Takoradi attributed part of the success to the dedication and work of the Adventist students on the campuses.

” My take away is that not too many secular campuses have  Adventist students who are as organised as the students you have. They planned, encouraged each other and executed the programmes,  and because of their diligent efforts, souls were won.

Speaking at a farewell dinner organised in their honour by the Union on February 28, the Executive Secretary, Dr Alanzo Smith expressed his appreciation on behalf of the entire group and lauded the warm hospitality and dedication to mission of Ghanaian Adventist students.

” I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the young people, preaching and relating to students at Winneba. Those young people are well organised, well committed, well dedicated, the future of Ghana is looking good, when I see what how committed the future leaders are,” Dr Alanzo Smith said.

The President of the Southern Ghana Union Conference, Pastor Thomas Techie Ocran thanked the team for the commitment and sacrifices they made in order to come to Ghana. He was particularly thrilled at the possibilities the souls won could bring to the church.

I am exceptionally grateful to God and to you for the number of students who have been won into the Church. For me, one student who is baptised is worth ten people outside campus. They are intelligent, they know what they are about, when they are committed, they come out of the university, they are well placed, they have the means to support the church and to become quality leaders for the church in the very near future, Pastor Ocran said.

Recounting the challenges faced when the team was being put together, the Ministerial Secretary for the Greater New York Conference , Dr Reginald Rouzier Bartholomew said praise and glory should be given to God for the great success.

“I know that it was a challenge to put the group together. the devil was trying hard to stop this movement but by God’s grace  Jesus saw the all these souls, Jesus saw the group before we came here and so we give God the praise and the glory, “Dr Bartholomew said.

Delegates expressed their joy at what the Lord has been able to do through them. All recounted how they had established relationships that will last till eternity and expressed the hope of coming back to Ghana soon. Here are a few:

Mr. Eddly Bonnard Benoit, who preached at the University of Mines and Technology (UMAT) said he will never forget the sense of mission among the Adventist students on the campuses.

“There is the sense of mission from the very small group of Adventist students worshipping on these campuses. I think they are literally unashamed of the gospel as the inscription on their T-shirt says.  Every single night, you had different meetings that were  popping up very close to where we were. We had a sense most of them were not planned, but what was interesting was that, after those meetings were over, some of the folks will leave those meetings and come to our meeting and decisions were being made, Benoit said.

Dr. Henry  Michel and his wife Lilian who preached at a local church site also recounted their experience thus: “It’s good to meet people who I feel like they are  family. felt a certain oneness when I come to Ghana, like I am with long lost family members and I look forward to coming again.” If I had not come, I would have missed such a wonderful time. The members at the Odorkor site, have been awesome, said Lilian.

Each preacher was presented with a medal for participating in Pentecost 2018 and traditional Ghanaian costumes. The Greater New York team led by Dr Alanzo Smith and the Treasurer, Dr. Ebenezer Agboka has since returned to the USA.

Other members of the delegation include: Dr. Jose Joseph, Dr. Andy Lee Lagredelle, Neil Anthony Turner, Dr. Gregory A. Carol, John Kam Hong Lee, Pierre Elie Omelet, Dr. Reginald Rouzier Barthelmey, Burnett Lenroy Robinson, Gregory Melbourne, Dr. Metellus Pierre Odillis, Dr. Lesly Jacques, Eddly Bonnard Benoit, Dr. Milton G. Gregory, Dr. Henry and Lilian Michel, and Oriel Thomas.



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