About GUC

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The Southern Ghana Union Conference (SGUC) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, was organised in 2013 after the Ghana field was split into two.

It has oversight responsibility for seven administrative fields in the five southern regions of Ghana namely: Greater Accra, Western, Eastern, Volta and Central regions.
There are four (4) conferences and five (5) Administrative units under the SGUC.

Our Identity

The Southern Ghana Union Conference sees itself as a branch of the remnant church of end-time Bible prophecy. Its members individually and collectively understand their special roles as ambassadors of God’s kingdom and as messengers of the soon return of Jesus Christ.Members have enlisted as co-workers with God in His mission of reclaiming the field from the power and presence of evil, as part of the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan.

Therefore, every aspect of a member’s life is influenced by the conviction that we live in the last days, described in the Bible prophecy and the return of Jesus Christ is imminent. We believe that we are called by God to live in this world. Every action of or member’ life is done “in the name of Jesus” and to advance His kingdom.

The Union is governed by Executive Committee elected at Session for a 5-year term.

Current Executive officers of the Union are:
President:  Pastor Thomas Techie Ocran
Executive Secretary: Pastor Chris Annan Nunoo
Treasurer: Eld. Ebenezer Odonkor