How do you help Pastors to understand the needs of the Youth Department so that they can grow the department in their local churches. The Southern Union Conference Director, Pastor Alfred Asiem had the answer. Train and award honorary Master Guides titles to Pastors.

“I realised that most of the Pastors had never been members of the Adventist Youth Ministries and so I designed a training programme to help District and local church pastors to learn about the department so that.

The result? 15 Pastors including officers of the Meridian Ghana Conference, a field in the Southern Ghana Union Conference, were awarded Master Guides honours after an intensive one-week training workshop held from March 27-31, 2017 in Ghana’s port city, Tema.

It is the first of its kind in the country, and according to the Youth Director, the strength of the Adventist Church depends on the youth, therefore if Pastors are seen as active members of the department, it will motivate other young people to get involved.
The President of the Meridian Ghana Conference, Pastor Oheneba Odai-Agyei was happy to be invested as a Master Guide and said there was the need for Pastors to pay greater attention to the needs of the youth.
“This training is the first step to engaging Pastors actively in the youth ministries. The Meridian Conference will be in the forefront organising events and programmes for our youth to motivate them to live out their purpose as members of the Youth Ministries,” Pastor Odai-Agyei said.
Pastor Obed Obeng, one of the trained pastors, said he had learnt new skills in addition to what he learnt in the seminary as a youth pastor.

“It was successful, and we are grateful to the Union Director and his team for making the programme a success. We have learnt much, and we will use the knowledge to build vibrant departments in our local churches,” he said.
Some of the areas covered during the training were:

1. The work of the Conference Youth Director.
2. Fundamentals of organizing an effective youth progressive classes in the local church.
3. Forms and levels of the Adventist Youth Ministries.
4. The role of the church pastor in the local Youth Ministries Department
5. Work/duties of local youth officers.
6. How to teach Honors and Camp Craft.

By Solace Asafo/Vera Bont

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