A new church building has been constructed for the Adventist Church at Mangoase, which hitherto had worshiped for 10years in a shack. It was handed over to the church on July 2, 2016.

The building which cost 72,000.00 was sponsored by an Adventist businessman, Elder Ernest Kusi Ababio.
Mr Kusi Ababio was glad the leaders had used the money for the intended purpose.
“many times I have been disappointed because I give out monies but don’t see work done nevertheless there are still some faithful people in His church, Mr Ababio said.

The Church was supported also by members of the Innovation for Leadership, Evangelism, Advocacy and Development (I-LEAD) team who supervised and contributed manual labour. The team is led by Pastor Asare Nyarko, the then Executive Secretary for the East Ghana Conference.

The Mangoase Church since its establishment had worshiped in a bamboo structure for many years until 2014 when Pastor Seth Asare-Nyarko visited the town for evangelism campaign.
“I was so sad to see where God’s children were worshiping and still evangelizing to win more souls for Him, so I felt we could do something about their poor worshiping condition,” Pastor Asare-Nyarko said.

He uploaded pictures of the poor structure on Adventist pages on social media and that is how a sponsor was found.
“We never met our sponsor from 2014 to April 2016 yet he kept bringing monies and I continued giving him information on the state of the project. Today, he is here to see, dedicate and hand it over to the people of Mangoase,” Pastor Asare Nyarko said.
Mr. Kusi-Ababio also donated 100chairs to be used in the building, whilst the Ghana National Adventist Association of Students in East Ghana Conference provided a pulpit to the church.

Speaking on his motivation for sponsoring the building, Mr. Enerst Kusi-Ababio said “I never dreamt of a town by this name, never knew I will travel from Accra to this place, but when I am comfortable at Prince Emmanuel worshiping God I need to think of brethren who are suffering only to worship the same God.

He advised the Church members worship God in truth and fear and to enthusiastically give to support the work of the Lord.
The first Elder for Mangoase Church John Kwame Okra gave a brief history of how the church was established; he said the Church was founded in 1984 with a population of 112 by East Ghana Conference officers led by the late Pastor Benjamin Debrah but most have left because of our structure and others for greener pastures, so currently we are 52 members.

Mr. Okra said because of their poor worshiping center people do not want to come and worship with them and this has hindered the work of evangelism in the town.
He was hopeful the new building will be an incentive for winning more people to increase membership to the glory of God.

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