A conference to revive lay members of the Southern Ghana Union Conference for effective evangelism has been held at the Valley View University from May 26-29, 2016.
The Revival and Evangelism conference was attended by over 600 lay members from churches and districts across the Southern Ghana Union Conference.

Addressing the delegates during the opening of the Conference, the President of the Southern Ghana Union (SGUC) Pastor Thomas Techie Ocran said, ‘you are here because we deem it necessary to bring lay leaders of the church together to prepare you to double the membership of the Southern Union.” The membership of the Southern Ghana Union is circa 150,000 (baptised members only).

“This is not the work of pastors or church workers alone, all church members must commit to this task as well. Our goal here is to come up with strategies that will revive members to individually win and prepare people for the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ. We need every member involved in this business and so I hope you can go back after this meeting to fire up your members for the task ahead.”

The West-Central Africa Division Evangelism Director, Pastor Vicent Same shared with the delegates the General Conference initiative to get all members winning souls. “Total Member Involvement (TMI) is the evangelistic thrust for the Worldwide church. Let us work hard to double the numbers by 2018, and 2019 and 2020 will be for thanksgiving and celebrating the Lord’s goodness.

Evangelist Zuki Mxoli, an architect from South Africa shared his personal journey and experiences on how rewarding it is to commit once resources and life supporting God’s work.

Director of Encounter with Truth (EWT) Pastor Andrews Lawrence Ewoo was the Guest speaker for the conference. He spoke on attitudes that drive people away from the church, and said members must love, be merciful and forgiving each other faults just as Jesus does with us.

“Teach the church members how to pray and forgive their fellow humans if they offend them, if they do that there will not be division in the church and the church will grow. If your goal is to go to heaven, then stop being proud because of your position as a church leader, and take care of the flock,’’ he said.
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