You will not baptize even ten people in this village, if you do, I will become a member of this church.
This was the challenge thrown at the Church by a resident of the Tegbi village in the Volta region when she saw preparations by the Adventist Church to hold a campaign there.

“Pastor don’t waste your money because it is not easy to baptize a Charismatic and Pentecostal here with your so called message.”

But according to Pastor Mordecai Mawutor, God took the challenge serious and instead of the 10, the church reaped a harvest of 41 new converts including Madam Afi, who said the campaign would yield no results. The 10days of evangelistic campaigns was held from February 15-25, 2017.

Pastor recounted how the residents realized that the challenge did not deter them, they resorted to threats.
“Pastor if you want to be attacked spiritually and physically then you can come with your message,” said other residents of Tegbi.

But the Lord protected the evangelistic team and surprised the town of Tegbi with miraculous results.
Tegbi is a coastal town that lies between Keta and Angloga in Keta Municipality in the Volta region of Ghana. It is predominately a fishing and farming community and its people practice mainly the traditional religion. For over 128years of Adventist Church in Ghana, the everlasting truth had never been preached there.

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